These Silent Walks Are But Harnessed Stampedes

For this painting my friends and family modelled for me, it was painted with a lot of love and compassion. However there has been no flattery in this painting. Indeed it is impossible for me to paint my fellow humans, let alone those I care for, indifferently.

I have painted them hoping to capture some of their individual features and characteristics. But above that I have brought them together in order to paint a portrait of a wider social class that they are a part of, old and young, black and white of every colour and creed they make this diverse working class of London.

I hope to have done them justice in this group portrait, and reached a deeper level than the one dimensional “working class” stereotypes presented in the media designed to make us disassociate with the term. 

The Title was borrowed from Ishmalie Blagrove who used the Phrase ‘Harnessed Stampedes’ to describe the monthly Silent Justice for Grenfell marches.

We Don't Know What We Are Making

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